Do you have a menu?

We make new things almost every day. It’s hard to keep up. Pâtisserie Paris Je T’aime is a small, neighborhood artisan bakery. We almost always have chocolate-crème filled éclairs, macarons—at least ten different flavors, and lemon tartelettes. Our butter and chocolate croissants are made fresh every morning. Fairly often, we also have almond croissants and mille feuille. We make different petits gateaux all the time. Everything is made in-house.

Do you have coffee?

Yes. We now have a Nespresso machine. We’re learning how to make cappucinos, lattes, etc.

Do you have cheesecake? Can you make a big, inexpensive birthday cake?

We make French-style cakes. Each one has at least three different textures or flavors (for example, a heart of guava, litchee, and raspberry coulis, surrounded by champagne mousse, on a base of almond cake bathed in raspberry syrup—all in one cake). Each one is decorated to order, usually with white or dark chocolate or both, and fresh fruit. Yes, we can write on them.

But, no, we don't make cheesecake or big sponge cakes with blue powdered-sugar frosting and pink animals. We have nothing against that kind of thing, we just don’t do that.

Do you have French bread?

No, sorry. We don't have enough space in the store for the equipment that would be required to make baguettes and other large bread items. But we do have butter croissants, almond croissants, and pain au chocolat.

What do you recommend?

We have a cake called “Opéra.” (It was invented by La Maison Dalloyau in Paris.) It’s a rich chocolate almond cake soaked with coffee syrup, chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream, and chocolate glazing.

Do you speak French?

Yes and no. It depends on who you talk to.

Macarons, or Macaroons?

A “macaroon” is a coconut-based cookie, sometimes dipped in chocolate. We don’t make macaroons. “Macarons” are a French cookie, with an outer shell made of almond flour and meringue, and a fruity or nutty filling. The fillings of macarons are limited only by the imagination. After a while, we did start making macarons with coconut crème, just to confuse people.

Do any of your pastry items contain alcohol?

Yes. The cream in the “Tropezienne” is made with Kirsch (cherry brandy) along with orange blossom extract. It’s a very light cream with a refreshing flavor, but it is made wth alcohol. Sometimes we make Forêt Noire, and we soak the chocolate spongecake with rum (we can also make Forêt Noire without alcohol, if you like). But most of our pastry is made without alcohol. We’ve tried to get into the habit of asking people if they are prohibited from eating anything with alcohol in it, but sometimes we forget. Please ask, if you need to know.

Do you make egg-free pastry?

Yes, we can make croissants without eggs. We have made cakes without eggs also. Please ask.

Do you make pastry without nuts?

Yes, the mille feuille, éclairs and choux have no nuts in them.